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Is a “leaky gut” or an “out of balance” digestive tract sabotaging your health?

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New to Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition ( FN), sometimes referred to as Functional Medicine (FM), is a system of healthcare that is based upon the premise that our bodies are designed to be healthy. The cells of our body are bombarded daily by a myriad of environmental factors and to that extent, disease is an adaptive state, often taking years to develop before symptoms appear.
Chronic health problems can be treated by either focusing on the symptoms, or by looking deeper to seek out, understand, and address the origins and causes of declining health. Traditional medicine focuses on the symptoms of disease and analyzes these symptoms to arrive at either a diagnosis of a disease or in some cases classification of the symptoms into a syndrome. Treatment is usually then provided through medication designed to change or control the symptoms.


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“If your body has a healthy immune system, your body can do the work that it needs to do in order to stay healthy….. I have my life back ….I recommend the work I am doing to everyone and anyone"



The Gut Authority

Our approach is to establish a partnership and relationship that is based upon trust and personal responsibility. Through communication and coaching, improved health and wellness are achievable through specific action steps – action steps for us as practitioners, and action steps for you, the patient.

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Dr. Melvin Mashner

DC, Psc.D.

Chiropractic Physician with over 25 years experience.

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Syble P. Mashner

RN, D.Psc.

Registered Nurse with specialized training in Cellular Healing.


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Can a Leaky Gut Lead to an Autoimmune Condition

Identifying a leaky gut can be difficult sometimes. It can present itself like other illnesses or be masked by other illnesses. There is a long list of symptoms that can be associated with it. If you are feeling any of these symptoms maybe it is time to see your doctor and explore the possibilities.   The […]

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