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Why We Focus On The Gut

Why Gut Health is Important

Why do we here at The Gut Authority believe gut health is so important? Our community is experiencing a crisis of chronic, often debilitating diseases that originate in the gut. Let’s face it, we are experiencing a prescription epidemic! But there are holistic treatmentoptions for leaky gut that can help you.

Did you ever consider if your condition or symptoms were being caused by a lack of over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin or antacids? Or is a shortage of prescription medications, such as those used to treat high blood pressure, depression, or bowel control issues, the cause of your health problems? The truth is that health is being replaced by a myriad of symptoms, decreased function, over medication and ineffective interventions. It has become apparent that constant stress, cheap, nutrient-depleted food and an increasingly toxic environment are fueling this crisis. Can anything be done to reverse this trend?

We are regularly asked, “What is Gut Health and why is it so important that I take care of myself?” The Gut Authority exists to restore the ”Joy of Living “ to individuals who truly want to get off the merry-go-round of symptom management, multiple medications, declining health, and despair. We long to see patients regain their health and recover not only from gut-related symptoms and diseases, but also from other health issues that originate in a compromised and disfunctional gut. We believe it’s time to end medication dependency that doesn’t really heal, but only attempts to manage symptoms!

At The Gut Authority, we feel that too often conventional medicine focuses on the branches and leaves of the health tree.

These represent the symptoms, diseases and conditions that develop with declining health. But it is the gut which actually forms the trunk and roots of the health tree. The gut is where most diseases originate and is where true health must begin. This is why we want to help teach you how to improve your gut health naturally.

Gut health can be negatively impacted by antibiotics, genetically modified foods, insulin resistance, and “nutrition muggers” such as processed food and both over-the-counter and prescription medications. Bio-toxins, hormone imbalances (caused by hormones in body products, food and water), daily stress, gluten, and excessive grain intake, as well as the standard American diet can all negatively impact the health of the gut. This in turn affects how your body functions and the symptoms it may express. These environmental and dietary factors not only destroy gut health, but lead to multiple gut-related symptoms including:

These symptoms of gut dysfunction can continue and eventually lead to a diagnosis of gut related conditions such as :

Recent studies have shown that the development and onset of many autoimmune conditions (where the body attacks itself) actually originate with “leaky gut” and gut dysfunction, even though the autoimmune condition may appear to be unrelated to the gut.

Our goal at The Gut Authority is to develop a community of informed and knowledgeable individuals who possess an understanding of how their body was designed to function and heal from within. Our commitment is to total healthcare of the body, not just pain or symptom relief.

We want to see individuals who do not base their health choices on misinformation or the latest TV commercial. Rather, our desire is to help our patients choose how they will exercise and select what they will eat and drink with understanding and knowledge, and in a way that supports the healing process naturally. Individuals who fully grasp the crucial role that the gut plays in their health, as well as the destructive forces which can act upon it, can choose a different path from the pharmaceutical model of more and more medications. Taking action and selecting specific lifestyle choices, such as foods for a healthy gut, to improve and strengthen gut health can be the first step of regaining life and vitality .

As we partner together, our goal is to help ignite the healing and health recovery process within the body through appropriate testing, encouragement, direction, and guidance. There is a difference between symptom management through medication, and working together as a team to identify and address the root causes of illness and disease. This difference may just be the approach you need to change your life. Give us a call to start a consult with our doctor for gut health.

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