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Leaky Gut

Most of the issues we see here can all be linked back to poor gut health. That’s why our main priority is to help you restore your gut health and heal a leaky gut. If you think you might be struggling with gut problems then The Gut Authority can help you out.

What Is Leaky Gut?

“Leaky gut” is an overall term applied to poor gut health when the direct cause isn’t known yet. Leaky gut has been linked to autoimmune disorders, poor immune function, and many other health problems. It occurs when the junctions that hold your cells that line your intestines together become damaged. This allows partially digested food and other toxins to pass directly into your bloodstream.

How We Can Help You

When “leaky gut” occurs, your body sees the leaking food particles as an intruder and sets off your body’s defense mechanism. However, your body has a hard time differentiating between your body’s normal cells and these foreign invaders and so it often will attack its own cells. Over time, this attack can cause problems as it damages important cells.

We’ll take a look at many factors that can contribute to leaky gut and laboratory tests can confirm whether or not you have it. We’ll use a variety of tactics to heal your gut such as:

  • Eliminate digestive stressors such as foods you’re allergic to, toxins, and any ongoing infections
  • Ensure you’re eating the right foods and supplements to make sure your gut can heal
  • Make sure your gut is protected by restoring good bacteria  
  • Help your gut repair itself with the right nutrients using supplementation and the right foods
  • Ensure you have overall body balance by getting enough sleep, exercise, and time to rest

This is just a general outline of what we can do for you. Every person is different with different issues going on. We’ll base your plan on your specific needs.

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A leaky gut can cause health problems all over your body. The Gut Authority wants to see you living a healthy, energetic, and pain-free life. Contact us today so we can get your appointment set up and get you on your way to a better life.

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