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Baldwin County, Alabama Residents Improve Arthritis Symptoms Naturally

If you’re struggling with arthritis symptoms, perhaps you feel there is no end to the discomfort Dealing with arthritis pain can...
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Mobile County Residents Find Connections Between Coffee and Gut Health

More than half of the American population consume coffee on daily basis This energy-producing drink gives people fuel for the day and...
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Natural Ways to Recover From Leaky Gut In Baldwin County

The number of people who suffer from chronic digestive illness today is overwhelming Most people don’t know why they feel discomfort or...
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Baldwin County Residents Discover Links Between Nutrition and Thyroid Abnormalities

Do you ever feel tired after a good night’s rest Perhaps there are days you need to nap in the middle of the day There are several...
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How Mobile County Residents Use Functional Medicine to Recover From Anemias

Many people today struggle with unexplained, chronic fatigue Fatigue can mean much more than dealing with a lack of sleep If you’re...
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Residents in Mobile County Use Functional Medicine To Improve Malabsorption Issues in the Body

If you suffer from discomfort and inflammation in your body, you’re not alone Many people in today’s society deal with chronic health...
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Baldwin County Residents Use Natural Medicine For GERD Symptoms

Digestive disorders and gut inflammation are on the rise in our society today With so many processed foods, environmental factors, and...
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Top Ways Functional Medicine Helps Boost Immunity Against Influenza In Mobile County

The effects of the cold and flu season can leave people feeling miserable for several days While taking over-the-counter cold medicine may...
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Baldwin County Residents Find Natural Medicine Answers to Overindulgence in Holiday Foods

The holiday season is finally here and with it comes plenty of appealing foods Here at The Gut Authority, we understand that it’s hard...
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How Baldwin County Residents Use Natural Foods to Improve Gut Health

Most people lead very active lives every day Our busy lifestyles often lead to poor food choices that make daily stress and tiredness worse...
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