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What is Irritable Bowl Syndrome?

Do you suffer from cramping, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or constipation Do you feel like your digestion and bowel habits aren’t...
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Can Chiropractic Services Help Improve My Health?

Do you take advantage of chiropractic services in your area You probably know someone that swears by visits to his or her chiropractor And,...
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Can a Leaky Gut Lead to an Autoimmune Condition

Identifying a leaky gut can be difficult sometimes It can present itself like other illnesses or be masked by other illnesses There is a...
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4 Ways Functional Medicine Can Help Stomach Ulcers To Heal

If you are someone who experiences stomach ulcers it can be something that leaves you in a lot of pain The staff at The Gut Authority would...
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What is A Leaky Gut?

Do you feel tired all of the time, even when you’ve just woken up Many of us chalk it up to our busy schedules; however, what if this...
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What is Chronic Inflammation?

Are you someone who is having pain and suffering due to chronic inflammation It can be hard to deal with this type of complication day in...
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What Is Anemia?

Wondering if you are dealing with anemia With demands facing us each and every day, feeling worn-out is normal However, tiredness upon...
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Residents in Mobile County Discover Connections Between Sugar and the Brain

It’s no secret that many people deal with chronic health conditions in our society today Common health conditions like gut...
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Baldwin County Residents Learn About Best Foods You Can Eat To Help Heal A Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcers are painful and at the very least an annoyance, either way, they can really disrupt a comfortable way of life There are ways...
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What is Crohns Disease and Its Affect on the Body?

Crohn's disease is an inflammatory bowel disease It causes inflammation in your digestive tract, which in turn causes severe abdominal...
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