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Gluten Disorders

Are you looking for a holistic approach to help with your gluten disorder? Perhaps you’re not sure if you have gut issues or not. The team at the Gut Authority can help you with that through the use of our gut health doctor. We focus on restoring balance to your overall health, and we start with your gut first.

Dealing With Gluten Disorders

Everything you eat filters through your gut. When you eat foods that are harmful to you, it prevents your gut from working properly and throws your gut microbiome off track. Gluten causes inflammation in the body and other painful digestive symptoms for many people. 

Types of Gluten Disorders

A gluten disorder refers to allergies or sensitivities to gluten. People notice certain symptoms after eating products that contain gluten in their diet. These products include anything with wheat or wheat by-products. 

Perhaps you struggle with bloating, gas, or constipation. Do you often feel that way after eating a healthy meal? It takes time for your gut health and your immune system to recover from the damage. 

Functional Medicine Can Help You Recover

Gluten disorders are autoimmune disorders in the body. Lifestyle choices can aggravate the issue. Our goal is to give you the help and tools you need to recover and restore balance for good gut health. 

When you come for a consultation, we will sit down with you and make a plan to get your gut health back on track. Exercise and nutrition are essential parts of recovering from gluten disorders. We work to find the source of the issue, sometimes through an elimination diet or lab tests, and use holistic methods to help restore your internal systems. Our goal is for you to have a healthy gut long-term.

Need Help For Your Gluten Disorder?

If you think you have a gluten disorder and need a gut health doctor, we encourage you to contact us right away. The team at The Gut Authority uses functional medicine to form wonderful support for you. You don’t have to struggle through your gut health journey alone. Allow our gut health clinic to get you healthy again and get your life back on track.

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