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Functional Medicine Doctor in Daphne, AL

Functional Medicine Doctor daphne al

Gut Authority’s holistic approach to healing the body helps all our patients accomplish restoration and balance. We believe using a comprehensive approach to healing, provides ultimate wellness through bodily repair and restorative balance. By investing in this type of medical care, our patients can enjoy doing the things they love. Our functional medicine doctor in Daphne, AL, will take good care of your health needs.

Our Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to healing includes evaluating the function of the body’s systems. Outside factors such as food and stress, play a large part in the state of our health. The digestive tract is often the area that suffers most since it is responsible for filtering the things we digest. Our quality healthcare approach often lends itself to the evaluation of this body system first.

Our Functional Medicine Services

The Gut Authority utilizes two types of medicine when treating our patients. The true collaboration of functional medicine and chiropractic services allows us to thoroughly explore the abnormal gut disorders in the body. In the use of functional medicine, we create a patient-specific plan that includes nutrition and exercise as we monitor all our patients’ progress.

The use of chiropractic services uses manual in-house adjustments to treat many gut issues such as Ulcers, Anemia, Leaky Gut, Malabsorption, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome to name a few. The cause of these issues depends on the patient. Our goal is to create lasting healing and balance in the body.

Natural Medicine Doctor in South Alabama

We are happy to provide holistic health services in Daphne, Alabama. Located along the eastern shores of Mobile Bay in South Alabama, this town resides in Baldwin County. With a population of over 21,000, the city is home to many parks and estuaries.

The Gut Authority also brings functional medicine services to the surrounding communities as well.

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If you are looking for a holistic healing approach, call the Gut Authority today. Don’t wait for your discomfort to pass. We will evaluate your symptoms and help you begin your journey to better health. Dr. Masher is currently accepting new patients and is ready to be your functional medicine doctor here in Daphne, AL.

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