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Functional Medicine Doctor in Orange Beach, AL

Functional Medicine Orange Beach

The team here at the Gut Authority believes that your body is naturally designed to be healthy. It comprises practices and treatments that are meant to improve the function of your body and its organs. Using stress reduction, exercise, and diet supplementation protocols, you can return your body to health. If you’re looking into functional medicine in the Orange Beach, AL, area, we can help you with your overall health!

What Functional Medicine Can Do For You

When you choose a path of functional medicine and functional nutrition, you choose a path of support and treatment based on your unique biochemistry. At the Gut Authority, we are able to investigate and analyze your symptoms and work to find the cause. With our guidance and coaching, you can be on your way to a naturally healthier you.

How We Can Help People in Orange Beach

We focus on guiding you on your journey to return to health. We will create an action plan for you that includes:

  • An examination of your lifestyle and environment
  • A complete health history
  • Identification of nutritional deficiencies, allergies, and more through functional and laboratory testing
    Stress reduction through education and understanding
  • Implementation of a nutrition plan that includes dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, and exercise.
  • And more.

Be willing to take an active role and put into action the plan that is developed for you. Develop an active lifestyle in the beautiful Orange Beach area located along the Gulf of Mexico. We also offer services to the residents of other surrounding communities as well.

Is Functional Medicine Right For You?

Functional medicine requires dedication and hard work because it focuses on what can be changed to improve your individual health and overall wellness. With a plan designed with exercise, nutrition, and natural healing at its core, we can help you bring yourself back to good health. If you’re looking for a quick fix, surgery, or a prescription drug-focused plan, functional medicine and functional nutrition are not right for you. Functional medicine at our office focuses on finding the root cause of patients’ issues and individualized treatment plans so our Orange Beach, AL patients can focus on living their best life.

Medications often treat your symptoms while the underlying issue or disease is left to wreak havoc on you. If you are tired of recurring medical issues or you’re simply ready to take a proactive step towards a naturally healthier you, let the team at the Gut Authority help you.

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