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If you struggle with excess gas and bloating, you might have a problem with bacterial overgrowth. Functional nutrition, referred to as functional medicine, differs from traditional medicine approaches. The functional medicine approach aims to find the root source of your issues and not just treat your symptoms. If you need a functional nutritionist near you, The Gut Authority can address your overall health to determine the root cause of your gas problems. Our healthcare team will work to treat the problem and not just the symptoms. We treat women, men, and kids, we can help all!

What Causes Gas?

Most of the bacteria in your gut are found in your colon. However, sometimes it can creep up into your small intestine (known as SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and cause problems with excess gas. If you eat a meal high in carbs or fiber, then an excess of these bacteria will produce two types of gas, methane and hydrogen. As the bacteria metabolize the foods you eat, they react more with carbs and fiber. 

They produce gas or hydrogen gas as a defense mechanism to protect themselves against these foods. Along with the production of gas, most people will experience other types of ailments similar to food and nutrition allergies. These can be diarrhea or constipation, fatigue, hormone balance issues, nutrition malabsorption, depression, trouble sleeping, and brain fog. The health problems you experience will differ depending on the bacteria type. 

What Treatments Help with Gas

While passing gas is normal from either swallowing air or bacteria feeding off undigested food particles in your large intestine, passing too much gas can be a sign of a problem. Typically, an increase in gas is caused by food sensitivities, nutrition and lifestyle factors, a leaky gut, or SIBO. Our functional medicine team will work to determine your issue’s root cause.

We’ll then come up with a treatment plan to decrease inflammation and heal your gut back to optimal health. Examples of treatments include diet and lifestyle changes, stress management, and increasing physical activity levels. Since all our clients are different, we use a functional medicine approach based on your body and how it responds to treatment. The good news is that most of this excess gas can be reversed with a functional nutrition wellness approach.

Call The Gut Authority for Help

The Gut Authority can help you balance your body and restore your gut health. If you want to feel better and healthier and are considering a functional medicine nutrition specialist near you, let our team help you out. We want to help end your gas problems so you can feel confident and start enjoying life again. Call us today so we can get your wellness appointment scheduled.

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