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Baldwin County Residents Find Natural Medicine Answers to Overindulgence in Holiday Foods

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The holiday season is finally here and with it comes plenty of appealing foods. Here at The Gut Authority, we understand that it’s hard to eat healthy during this season. If you experience intestinal discomfort due to overindulgence in holiday foods, don’t despair! The good news is that you can use natural medicine for overindulgence to help you restore balance to your body.

Why Do You Feel Discomfort After Eating Certain Foods?

If you feel abdominal or stomach discomfort after you eat or drink, there are several explanations as to why you feel that way. Symptoms like bloating, gas, or cramping may also contribute to your discomfort. The main reason you feel this way is because you ate something that caused irritation to your stomach lining.

Food allergies or intolerances are very common among people today. If you eat something your digestive system doesn’t agree with, it often lets you know it with uncomfortable symptoms. Foods such as dairy, gluten, processed sugars, and preservatives are common triggers that are linked to chronic digestive problems.

Treating the Discomfort With Natural Medicine

We understand how uncomfortable it is to deal with stomach pains, cramps, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms. If you already have a chronic digestive problem, you probably feel even worse. The good news is that natural medicine can lessen your symptoms and treat the damage certain food cause.

Cut Out The Sugar and Alcohol

Since it’s the holiday season, you’ve likely enjoyed sugary treats and made wonderful toasts with friends and family. However, your digestive system may not consider them enjoyable. If you feel pain or discomfort, cut the sugar and alcohol immediately.  Remember, many alcoholic beverages are grain based, so if you are gluten sensitive, these can be particularly problematic.

Many alcohols contain artificial sugars to sweeten them. These are considered food additives which are harder for the body to break down. Cut them out for now and when you feel better, choose organic wines and other natural sweeteners like monk fruit, honey, or pure Stevia.

Eliminate Gluten From Your Diet

If you’re already eating gluten-free that’s great! Perhaps you treated yourself to a sweet treat this season and your system is paying the price. Gluten is a combination of proteins that are usually found in different grains. It is highly inflammatory to your system which ultimately creates pain and inflammation.

Go back to eliminating gluten from your diet and replace it with better alternatives. Don’t be misled by the myriad of so called “gluten- free” foods on the market. These are almost always highly processed foods that actually contain gluten or are often cross contaminated with gluten. Many grains, such as corn and rice, are considered “gluten-free” by the FDA definition, but have actually been shown to contain gluten. For more information on these studies, I suggest you read Dr Peter Osborne’s well researched and highly informative book “No Grain – No Pain” (available on Amazon).

Reduce and Replace

In order to restore balance to your body after holiday foods, you need to replace what you eliminate with healing foods. Artificial and inflammatory foods will cause damage to your system and that requires natural healing. Here are some foods that help heal your body from toxins:

  • Tumeric and ginger – reduces inflammation
  • Dark leafy greens – spinach, kale
  • Rich fruits – berries, oranges, cherries
  • fresh -caught seafood
  • Bone broth

These are just some of the natural healing foods to get you on the road to recovery.

Flush Out Your System

You need to understand that it’ll take time for your body to heal from these invaders. There are ways to use natural medicine to cleanse your body from the food toxins you ate. Detoxing your body should never be done without the guidance of a functional medicine doctor.

Everyone reacts differently to a system detox. A functional medicine doctor can determine the right method of treatment for holiday food indulgence too.  

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