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Residents in Mobile County Discover Connections Between Sugar and the Brain

It’s no secret that many people deal with chronic health conditions in our society today. Common health conditions like gut inflammation, digestive issues, and others can make it difficult to live a healthy life. Loss of brain function is also on the rise today. One major concern for the loss of brain function is sugar.

Brain and Sugar Connections

While you may think that sugar is a necessity for bodily energy, think again. Yes, the body needs some sugar for energy, but not the kind of sugar we think of today. The body requires glucose to maintain energy levels in the body and the brain. Glucose is a form of sugar that helps fuel cells throughout your body and your brain. If your brain doesn’t have enough glucose (or too much of it ) to produce energy, it can’t function correctly.

Sugar-Related Diseases

Research shows when the body has too much glucose, health issues occur. For example, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are common results of too much sugar in the bloodstream and the body. Sugar is also highly inflammatory to your blood vessels. Too much sugar can damage the linings of the blood vessels, including those around the heart. These then become more susceptible to damage by small cholesterol-carrying particles which in turn can lead to plaque formation and heart disease.

Research also shows the brain is affected by long-term diabetes. When the body has high levels of blood sugar, it shrinks the brain vessels over time. This damage contributes to illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Functional Medicine for Brain Health

Researchers continue to study brain health and the reasons for loss of cognitive functions. While the cause is not completely known, we do know that it’s difficult to reverse memory loss or impaired brain function.  Here are a few natural solutions that will help improve your brain’s function.

Avoid Processed Foods and Grains

Most people eat more carbohydrates and processed foods than is healthy. In fact, the average daily diet is over 50% of processed foods. What most people don’t consider is that processed foods eventually convert to sugar in the body. This can also lead to extra yeast in your digestive system which causes inflammation.

Most grains contain gluten which also produces inflammation. Stay clear of grains and choose fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

Eat Healthy Fats

Don’t be scared of fats! Well, the good kind anyway. Not all fats are harmful to your body. In fact, your body needs good fats to maintain health and wellness. Stay clear of fats that are in processed foods. The most common one is hydrogenated oils. These are usually vegetable, corn, or soy oils.

Think Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids instead of those in processed foods. Chances are you’ve heard that fish is brain food. In this case, that’s true! Choose fresh-water fish or fresh-caught cold-water fish that is not farm-raised for a good dose of these fats.

Watch Your Blood-Sugar Levels

It’s important to find a local functional medicine doctor that will help you maintain your nutrition and healthy lifestyle. If you frequently experience chronic headaches or bloating, it’s probably a sign of digestive distress. A functional medicine doctor will check your blood sugar levels and form a nutritional plan to keep them in check.

Un-checked blood sugar levels can lead to serious diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and brain inflammation. Your functional medicine doctor will let you know exactly what to eat to help with your blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and more.

Get Moving

Living an active lifestyle is essential for brain health. While you don’t have to hike Mount Everest, you should plan to walk, jog, or do a form of High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) to exercise your body and your brain.

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