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IBS: How To Manage It

If you have to deal with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it can be extremely frustrating and embarrassing Having constipation, diarrhea, or a...
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Is Acid Reflux the Same As GERD?

If you’ve experienced heartburn, indigestion, or acid reflux, you can know how uncomfortable and annoying it can be Most people assume...
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Ways That I Can Help My Leaky Gut?

The gut is one of the most intricate systems in your body It is commonly known as the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, digestive tract, or...
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How Does Crohn’s Disease Affect Your Overall Health?

If you’ve been feeling fatigued, are losing weight, dealing with stomach cramps, and frequent trips to the bathroom, you may be dealing...
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What is A Leaky Gut?

Do you feel tired all of the time, even when you’ve just woken up Many of us chalk it up to our busy schedules; however, what if this...
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Does Acid Reflux Cause Stomach Ulcers?

Because both acid reflux and stomach ulcers are associated with a burning sensation, they are often confused However, they are two very...
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3 Reasons Why Your Gut Is Important To Your Overall Health

The gut plays a very big role in our overall health Many things can go wrong within our bodies if the gut is not functioning properly ...
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Does Dairy Hinder a Leaky Gut From Healing ?

A majority of Americans are choosing dairy-free food options However, is dairy actually bad for your gut If you’re wondering if you can...
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Baldwin County Residents Learn The Best Foods To Eat For A Leaky Gut

Poor gut health can lead to health problems all over your body If you have a leaky gut then there are certain foods you should eat to...
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Baldwin County Residents Learn If Probiotics Help Leaky Gut

Though most doctors don’t consider leaky gut syndrome (LGS), or increased intestinal permeability, an actual condition, there’s no...
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