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What Causes Heartburn?

The holiday season is here, and that means lots of big family feasts But heartburn may be plaguing you, especially after a large meal If...
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What Should My Diet Look Like If I Have IBS?

IBS, short for irritable bowel syndrome, is a chronic condition that causes a series of gastrointestinal issues and discomfort This...
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Does An Unhealthy Gut Cause Inflammation

Could the condition of your gut be impacting other aspects of your health The answer is yes, absolutely Most chronic, debilitating diseases...
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What Are Gluten Disorders?

Gluten disorders can be mild or can cause serious damage to your overall health When you have a gluten sensitivity, it may seem daunting or...
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How Functional Medicine Can Benefit Your Health

If you’ve been dealing with health issues and have been told by your medical doctor that your labs are all normal, functional medicine...
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What Is a Digestive Disorder?

Many people today struggle with chronic health issues, including digestive imbalance When your digestive system is out of balance, your...
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IBS: How To Manage It

If you have to deal with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it can be extremely frustrating and embarrassing Having constipation, diarrhea, or a...
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Is Acid Reflux the Same As GERD?

If you’ve experienced heartburn, indigestion, or acid reflux, you can know how uncomfortable and annoying it can be Most people assume...
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Can I Reverse My Anemia?

You’ve been feeling tired and weak and finally have an answer; you are anemic Most doctors would recommend iron supplements, but you are...
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What Causes Malabsorption?

Many people prioritize a good nutritional and lifestyle routine However, there are still people who struggle with digestive issues despite...
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