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What is Chronic Inflammation?

chronic inflammation

Are you someone who is having pain and suffering due to chronic inflammation? It can be hard to deal with this type of complication day in and day out. There might be some things that you can change to improve your symptoms.  We here at The Gut Authority would love to talk to you and see what we can do to help you find ways to make lifestyle and nutrition changes that can help you find relief.

Functional Nutrition, ( often referred to as Functional Medicine ) is not for everyone.  It is something that you have to want. Making changes in your lifestyle can be challenging, but the end results can be rewarding and well worth the effort to support the body’s natural healing ability. We are confident you won’t regret the choice to take care of yourself and feel better. Our staff is here to help teach you and guide you along the way to renewed health. 

What Is Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is what you normally think of when you have experienced trauma of some sort to an area of your body and it begins to swell. It can be red and warm to the touch, and even tender. When you have chronic inflammation, it often begins with cellular inflammation and it lasts for long periods of time without relief. It is often caused by one or more of these three triggers: 1) SUGAR, 2)BAD FATS and 3) TOXINS.    No one wants to live in constant pain, so let us guide you to the right recommendations for your health by teaching you more of how these triggers may be causing you to experience chronic inflammation.

Some people don’t heal as fast or as well as others, and getting an injury could mean long periods of pain for them. But unlike complications from injuries, such as these,  chronic inflammation is often driven by our diet.  We would love to assist you in finding a holistic way to treat your ailments. 

What We At The Gut Authority Can Do To Help

At The Gut Authority, we are passionate about holistic, natural approaches to healing the body. These practices are referred to as Functional Nutrti0n (often referred to as Functional Medicine). We will sit down and talk with you to fully understand the troubles that you have been having, and come up with an education plan that will help you make wiser lifestyle and diet choices than you may have made in the past. We will discuss your health and specific nutrition, exercise, and diet changes to help your body heal naturally. 

Functional Nutriti0n believes in treating the body as a whole and not masking symptoms that you are feeling, but rather finding the root cause of them. The gut is a major factor in our overall health and in the way that we feel. When we put the right things into our system, it will, in return, help our systems to functi0n better, feel better, and work better. 

The Difference In Functional Medicine and Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine is the practice of using medication for treating illnesses and symptoms that you experience. This approach may work well for emergency medicine,  but for day to day health, there are many people who want another option and one that is free of prescription drugs. You wouldn’t want to take a medication that may, in turn, cause more problems for you in some way, or require additional medications to treat new side effects. 

That is where Functional Nutrition comes in. This way of practicing is more focused on your nutrition and what you are putting into your body. Processed and unhealthy foods aren’t doing us any justice. Our gut is the root of many illnesses and sicknesses that we experience. To better help you, we want to take the time to fully understand you and the problems you are facing. 

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The Gut Authority is located in Daphne, AL and we service people in surrounding areas. Our providers are trained and knowledgeable to help you with all of your functional nutrition needs and concerns. Don’t waste another day not feeling well. Call our office and let us find recommendations that will work for you on your pathway back to health.

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