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Are genetics responsible for most gut disorders such as Crohn’s disease?

Are genetics responsible for most gut disorders such as Crohn's disease?

Are you tired of not knowing what’s causing your gut disorders? Perhaps it’s what you’re putting into your body, maybe it’s genetics? Regardless of the cause, The Gut Authority is helping clients from the  Pensacola, FL area!  Stop the endless appointments made to your doctor and go to where you are treated like an individual. Everyone is different, therefore their treatment should be personalized to your needs.

What Is Crohn’s Disease? 

Crohn’s disease is a long lasting chronic disorder that affects the digestive system. It targets the intestinal walls causing inflation that could lead to sores or ulcers forming. This can cause inflammation, blockage and even chronic bleeding. Generally, it appears in the late teens to early twenties but can really come about at any time. If you have Crohn’s disease, odds are that someone close to you has it as well. It is a disease found in millions of Americans and in a rising number of cases world-wide. 

What Causes Crohn’s Disease? 

There is no one answer on what causes Crohn’s Disease; many factors are in play. It has not been determined specifically the role genetics play in relationship to it’s cause. However if you have Crohn’s Disease, odds are someone close to you in your family has it as well. It is thought to be a related combination of lifestyle, genetics, and environmental factors that cause Crohn’s Disease. Studies have shown that the disease is more common in Northern climates and in developed countries.  This could lead people to believe that development  of Crohn”s symptoms has to do more with what we are putting into our bodies.

Recognizing The Symptoms 

Although the symptoms tend to flare up randomly throughout your life,  there are many signs to take notice of.  You may have issues with persistent diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss, consistent cramping and even fever. This could lead to a diagnosis of ” Crohn’s disease”. The more severe cases have bloody stools, chronic bleeding and cause you to become anemic. It’s important to get this checked out as soon as you can recognize these symptoms in order to stop their escalation. 

How Taking Care Of Your Gut Can Help

Recognizing that most patients with Crohn’s Disease  live in developed countries rather than undeveloped countries says something. Perhaps the causes are originating from our lifestyle and dietary habits. America is home to the most fast food restaurants and processed foods. If you’re not careful about what you are putting into your body, the bacteria levels can become unbalanced and wreak havoc. 

Focusing on your individual lifestyle and learning how you can naturally balance your bacteria levels could be the answer. Gut disorders all start and end in the gut and what you are feeding it. The staff at Gut Authority can help you to understand what might be affecting you and help you one on one. A personalized care plan catered to your needs will help you better understand your body and help get your health back on track.

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