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Is There a Reason to Consider Organic Foods for Better Gut Health?

better gut health

The foods we put into our bodies help determine what we get from them. Well-balanced nutrition not only provides our bodies with the fuel needed to function correctly but also provides the building materials to sustain life. Each day we replace old cells with new ones. Balanced nutrition provides the building blocks to build new cells, as well as rebuild and repair damaged tissues. Many foods contain unnecessary toxins that weigh our bodies down and may help cause health issues. As a result, organic food has become a buzzword for people looking to improve their health. But is there a reason to consider organic foods for better gut health? Is organic food better for you?

Minimize Chemical Intake

Over 600 chemicals are registered for agricultural use in the United States. Organic foods are a way to avoid the poisons found in commercially grown foods. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approves these chemicals. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only tests a small sampling of foods for pesticide residue. As a result, people eating commercial foods could be ingesting pounds of chemicals each year. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) established a strict standard for foods to be labeled USDA organic. Healthy organic foods can only be grown using specific substances that help to minimize your chemical intake and contribute to better gut health. So,  when looking for organic foods that meet the government guidelines, be sure the label says ” USDA organic”.  Unfortunately, many unscrupulous food producers will slap the word “organic” on the label without complying with these government mandates. They rely on consumers trusting them, and trusting that the phrases, “organic gut health”, “organic food and health benefits”, and “organic diet” are enough to convince consumers to buy their products. But does it really matter?  Read on.

A Wealth of Nutrients

The benefits of organic food rely on how the ingredients are grown, prepared, and handled. But how does organic food taste? Because of the “sustainable requirements” for growing organic foods, they contain more nutrients. The soil is managed and nourished differently than commercially produced foods. Studies published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine compared the nutritional value of organic foods and conventionally grown ones. Organic vegetables, fruits, and grains have more nutrients than conventionally grown foods including vitamin C, magnesium, and more.

Eliminate Antibiotics and Hormones

Pesticides are in the tissue and fat of meat and dairy products. Keep in mind animals used for food products are part of the food chain. These animals take in the pesticides found in other animals as well as in vegetables, fruits, and grains. Growth hormones, antibiotics, and other drugs are used in animal feed. The use of hormones is linked to an increased risk of cancer, genetic problems, tumor growth, and early puberty. For these reasons, many functional medicine providers recommend that pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children consume only animal products that are certified organic. But, the health impact is so great, that they also make the same recommendation to all their adult patients and clients. This is why eating organic food benefits not only the consumer but the animals as well.

Appreciate Tasty Foods

Often people are concerned about paying more for organic foods. However, buying directly from local organic farms is a way to save money. Organic foods are free of unwanted toxins and offer a higher level of nutrients. Also, many people find that eating organic foods taste better than commercial foods. The more fertile soil produces foods that burst with flavor. And because they taste delicious, organic foods are satisfying. As a result, people may eat less and ultimately save money by switching to organic foods.

Clean Foods Are Easy to Digest

Because organic foods are clean without added toxins, they are easy to digest. Pesticides and additives such as sugar alcohol are hard on the gut. Organic foods contain healthy fats and are chock full of nutrients. Clean foods are easier for the gut to digest, minimizing stomach upset and supporting optimum health. The body has to work hard to absorb unnatural substances, and some of them remain in our systems, causing health problems over time. The closer to nature the food is, the easier it is for your body to process it and derive its natural benefits. And you will enjoy increased energy and focus as well as improved gut health.

One of the most significant benefits of choosing organic foods is better gut health. And when your gut functions correctly, it supports improved physical and emotional well-being. If the question, “Is organic food better for you?” has been on your mind, consult with a functional medicine doctor to discover more about the advantages of choosing clean foods for better gut health.

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