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What Causes Stomach Ulcers?

stomach ulcers

The Gut Authority is a holistic medical practice. It has helped many people find relief from stomach ulcers and gut-related problems. Sometimes a good look at our diet, exercise, and lifestyle can make a big impact on our well-being. Let us dive deeper into the definition, causes, and ways to find relief. 

What Causes A Stomach Ulcer?

Finding out what causes stomach ulcers can help you to prevent them in the future. There are different things that could be happening to cause someone to get an ulcer, such as:

  • Medication
  • Foods Your consuming
  • Bacteria
  • Stress and Anxiety

Symptoms of A Stomach Ulcer

A lot of times people will experience a burning pain in their stomach. This is not the only symptom or sign that you have an ulcer, though. Some of the other things that you can experience are:

  • Heartburn and Indigestion
  • Gas and Bloating
  • Nauseous and Vomiting
  • Pain With Bland Food
  • Pain When You Take Antacids
  • Burning Pain In The Upper Belly Area

How To Get Relief From A Stomach Ulcer

Depending on the cause of your ulcer, it can decipher the method you need to use to get relief from it. Knowing what is behind the symptoms that you are feeling is very important. It can help  in deciding the type of treatment that you need. There are a few things that you can do to get temporary relief from a stomach ulcer, such as:

  • Acetaminophen For Pain
  • Avoid Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and Naproxen
  • Try Honey, Cranberry, or Garlic
  • Try Yogurt,Tempeh, Kombucha, and Miso 
  • Try To Limit Alcohol Consumption
  • Avoid Coffee, Spicy Foods, and Acidic Foods
  • Probiotics
  • Tums, Zantac, and Prilosec

Finding relief from an ulcer is great, but most of the time these methods are temporary. You should make an appointment to see Dr. Mashner for further relief. The two of you can discuss the different options that there are and what works best for you.

Dr. Mashner Can Help With Stomach Ulcers

At the Gut Authority, Dr. Mashner has helped many people that deal with stomach ulcers. He understands the urgency and the discomfort that these individuals are feeling. That is why he will take the time to speak with you and come up with a great solution for your health. 

Make An Appointment With The Gut Authority

Dr. Mashner will take the time to speak with you to better understand the troubles that you have been having. Taking a natural approach to your health and diving into the lifestyle that you are leading. Sometimes some simple changes to our diet can help to heal the gut and help you to find relief from your pain. 

There is a list called the “Seven D’s” that Dr. Mashner likes to go by to assess your problems. It is all about the gut and what needs to change to allow it to heal. When it comes to our bodies, the gut is the root cause of many problems that we are experiencing. Once he gathers all this information, he can work with you to put together a great plan for your health.  

Contact Us If You Think You Have A Stomach Ulcer

If you are experiencing symptoms of an ulcer, call The Gut Authority for help. We are located in the Daphne, AL area. We help the surrounding communities as well, such as Gulf Shores and Pensacola. Our goal is to help you find relief from your stomach ulcers and other gut-related health concerns. Call us today for more information about how we can help with your stomach ulcer. 

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