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Baldwin County Residents Learn How Mold Exposure Can Cause Poor Gut Health

Most people think of respiratory problems when they hear they have mold in their homes But, mold exposure can also wreak havoc on your gut...
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How Autoimmune Disease is Related to Gut Health

With one or more autoimmune diseases affecting more than 50 million people, many doctors and researchers are racing to find a medicine...
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Baldwin County Residents Learn the Best Way to Help Heal a Leaky Gut

The term "leaky gut" is a buzzword that has been circulating around for quite some time There are many in the medical community that...
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5 Ways Baldwin County Residents Can Support Their Gut Health

Issues with your digestive system such as gas, constipation, and heartburn are all an indicator of your gut health and of microbial...
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Baldwin County Residents Learn Exercise Can Restore Gut Health

Most people have heard that if you want to lead a healthier life you need to exercise Evidence is now being published that shows us how...
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Baldwin County Residents Learn If Celiac Disease Can Become Crohn’s if Left Untreated?

Celiac and Crohn’s Disease are two diseases that affect your gut and are often mistaken for each other Many people with Celiac Disease...
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Residents of Baldwin County Want To Know if The Gut and Brain Are Connected?

Did you know that your gut is also known as your "second brain" This enteric nervous system is hidden within the walls of your...
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Baldwin County Residents Learn 7 Ways to Prevent Heartburn

Reflux and heartburn are not uncommon among adults Many people suffer from these symptoms a few times a week or even daily If you are...
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Baldwin County Residents Use Probiotics to Maintain Healthy Digestion

You can find many people who take probiotics in today’s society They are easy to purchase at most stores and through online retailers...
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Avoiding Artificial Sugars Helps Mobile County Residents Recover From Leaky Gut

Many people today spend time looking for ways to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle One change people make is a change to their...
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